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For all intents and purposes, darkware.org is just one person. I have a healthy-yet-sane desire for privacy in my life so I prefer to hide behind a domain name rather than my own name.

Coding is my hobby. It’s also my job. I’ve been a software developer of various languages for over fifteen years. I find enjoyment and relaxation from learning new languages and techniques. Sometimes this is driven by projects I’m employed to work on, sometimes it’s simply driven by my desire to try out something new.

Open Source Software

Whenever possible, darkware.org produces open source software. This is less about making a political statement, and more about simply using my spare time to offer something back to the community that built so many of the things that I’ve used since I started learning to code.

Because of that, my personal preference is for the GPL, and for the most recent version. I feel this is the license that I’ve benefited most from, and there is some amount of justice in encouraging others to adhere to the same rules when benefiting from my software.

That said, this is driven by a sense of charity, not logic. I have nothing against more permissive licenses and may use them for particular projects if I think there’s some good reason.