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WPManager is a standalone application for external management of a multisite WordPress installation. It aims to automate many of the standard tasks involved with WordPress administration while providing an extra layer of control and monitoring. While the WordPress Dashboard already provides many of these functions, WPManager aims to separate the control of them to achieve a few different goals:

  • Increased security by allowing greater restrictions within WordPress and on the webserver.
  • Improved performance due to offloading of many administrative tasks
  • More consistent behavior through the use of automated configuration checks and repairs
  • Better tools for managing multiple sites
  • Additional capabilities provided by integration with the host operating system

Built around this functionality is a REST interface that allows for external manipulation and monitoring of the WordPress instance. This is intended to support modular front-ends for managing the WordPress instance and monitoring the actions of WPManager itself.


Library @ Darkware: WPManager

Source Code

Git @ Darkware: darkware:/projects/LHTK/repos/wpmanager

This is the development repository for WPManager. It is the most likely to contain the most recent code changes. It’s also the most likely to include minor bugs.

Github: github:darkware-dev/WPManager

This is a more stable version of the Darkware git repository. It receives pushes from the same source, but the most recent versions are likely to see more testing

Upcoming Features

There are many things that are planned, but here are the ones that are visible on the horizon:

  • Email notification of various events
  • Restricting automated software changes to certain times
  • Log file monitoring


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